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Apartment in elite part of Vracar in a new building. Close to kindergardens, schools, parks. Apartment with separate bedroom and, three bedrooms. Salon height gives the apartment good impression.

Features & Benefits

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  • AC


  • Alarm system


Internacionalnih brigada, Vračar


Dušica Glavinić

Real Estate Consultant

+381 11 32 43 274
+381 (0)65 344 75 76

Dušica is a licensed Real Estate Consultant with over six years of experience in Serbia’s market, specialized in prime properties in Belgrade. With her experience and knowledge she helps clients to to achieve their goals and objectives. Dušica has a passion for Residential as well as Commercial Properties and New Build Projects. She specializes in helping people making a local move selling their current home and purchasing another, but likes working with first time buyers as well! While the process can be stressful, Dušica focuses on making the transition as smooth and stress free as possible by getting to know her clients and meeting their needs.